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I'm A Hope Junkie

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

My soul wants to share about about hope today: Is hope real? Is it naive? Am I just constantly setting myself up for disappointment by being a freaking hope junkie in life? Because sometimes being hopeful, especially in the world today, can feel incredibly lonely, hard to sustain and exhausting sometimes. But real, true hope never gets tired, right?! I don't really think so. You see, for me, I feel my warrior archetype when I feel my hope tank being challenged. I can witness myself being tempted to step into "Worrier" mode instead of where I know my heart belongs in "Warrior" mode. And it is right then, right there in that tempting space to just do what seems sooooooo common these days, easier in a sense, and definitely would give me a sense of belonging, and step on the fear-based hamster wheel of life. It is in that gap that my Wise & Wild Woman Self steps in and up and says "NO MA'AM!" And I hear her and I listen and I remember who I really am.

Real, true hope is infinite, it is our boundless essence, it is our ability to believe in the good, for innately we are/life is good. I know this in my bones. It can look like a sh%& show at times but even in that, it is good. One of my facets of what I call "Awakened Leadership" is that we live our lives in a way that reflects the natural state of Consciousness, some of these qualities being goodness, hope, expansive thoughts (not contractive ones), ultimately, we live our lives in such a way that we emanate growing, unconditional, limitless love. Hope is this- it is expansive, vibrant, limitless, open, pulsing, positive, faith-full, believing, real love. It is NOT naive, it is brave, it is full of courage, and a very vulnerable thing. It is bold and must hold itself fiercely to itself at times. Today, it take grit to remain hopeful, stamina is required and a willingness to be the black sheep often is called upon. Are you willing to be the black sheep today? Are you willing to throw out a good and hopeful possible scenario in a room-full of negative chatter? Are you ready to be uncomfortable and pray for something that is true and real for your own heart that you know will rock the boat of a family member who is stuck in a downward negative cyclone about something they heard on the news this morning? Are you willing to be the mom at the pool who walks away from a conversation full of judgement about what school another family is choosing to send their child too or even interject with "Wow, wouldn't it be amazing if we could all just support each other's decisions and not judge and instead offer understanding and connection." Are you willing?

Because I feel that right NOW, hope junkies are being massively called upon to step in, up and forward. Hope lies in every single one of us. And, yes, sometimes I forget, you betcha, and then I REMEMBER. And often I remember because I am, thank goodness, surrounded by many other hope junkies in my tribe, by one person saying one hopeful thing that pulls me back to my Truth, my essence and I re-center back to myself as a reflection of the Divine. So, I guess, in a sense this is a shout out to us all- to all hope junkies who feel alone out there, know that you are not. It's time to speak up, to take action, to share your thoughts, to connect with others on your path. It is time to turn up the light and grab hands with another in the dark and let them know you are there. What one of us has, we all have. Pick up the phone, write a letter, say something unusually hopeful out loud today, be the black sheep with a smile on your face, and cry too, because we are all human, and this life, this world as it is today is really where it is. Yes it is. But don't stay down, rise! Don't wallow, navigate, ask for help and get back up. If you are on fire with your light right now, go shine it full out. Play big! And if you are not, you are not alone, ask for light to shine on you. Ask, pray, meditate on it. It will show up because you already are it!

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