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"The workshop was completely eased every single person, individually and collectively into a space that was safe, comfortable and free from judgment. In doing that the veils of fear were lifted and soon we all began to breath and work in a harmonious community that afternoon. I remember thinking that the entire experience felt akin to a fabulous started with a the soft sounds of flute, (metaphorically speaking) and with each movement and breath in between, something would shift and a new instrument could be heard.  In the moments of sitting on our mat, using our writing pens and journaling through some thoughts, things started to open up even more---and with that, you lead us into a new movement, a deeper pose which allowed for a greater expression of energy.  It was beautiful. It was intoxicating. It was rejuvenating and it was a powerful, loving community of people coming together. The guidance you offered throughout the day allowed for each of us to experience our own inward journey, while simultaneously "dancing" and "playing" together...Your humor and interjections of silliness created such a light heartedness to the whole day---therefore, we couldn't get too caught up in the ego and take ourselves that serious! It was perfect.I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone searching, exploring, hoping for and desiring to connect to self and community on a new level."  - From a participant in a "Sacred Self Embodied" Workshop

"Brooks' classes are a gift; a gift to my body, mind, and heart.  She is very skilled at talking about profound yet simple 'truths' that we humans experience in a very simple, elegant, and tangible way.  She was my first teacher when I moved her over 10 years ago, and I am grateful each time I am in her presence. I took a 3 part class series this fall with Brooks.  The theme was joy. The class was a beautiful mix of readings, sharing with each other, and being open to create and experience more joy in life. Brooks led the series with such love and listening.  These conversations are so needed in our lives and on the planet and I am thankful that Brooks skillfully leads them in our community."

-Tracy Mott, Grounded teacher momma

"I have had many extraordinary experiences with Brooks Haislip. She supported me through my pregnancy. She coached me through yoga poses, helped me mentally prepare for birth, and was generous to sit down and share her birth story. She has an amazing gift to engage your body, mind, and soul. I also took a three week class centered on her research and life philosophy: "Wake up. Slow Down. Connect." She imparted practical tools and exercises to apply the value of slowing down and connecting with yourself and those around you. I was impressed that her class could apply to people of all spiritual, cultural, and emotional backgrounds. Brooks is a magnet of beautiful energy and she humbly pointed me to deeper spiritual awareness and connection to my friends and family." - Liz Corwin, Mama of Theo and Music Together Teacher



"At the end of my sessions with Brooks I am full of energy and calm and have a greater desire to connect with others. The strength and compassion in her voice during a guided meditation brings me empowerment and I know I am worthy and loved. Time with Brooks is very powerful!" - Julie Dean

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