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Private Sessions with Brooks are POWERFUL (see "Testimonials" page)! Are you ready to both simplify and amplify your life? Are you seeking guidance, a road map in how to start today in creating a more aligned life with your values?  Whether it be that you are seeking tools on how to live an inspired and mindful life, wanting a daily road map for practical, efficient and deep self-care, wanting to know yourself as an awakened leader, wanting intuitive guidance and assistance in a breakthrough, wanting to deepen into a devotional practice of sorts (mindfulness, meditation, visualization, breathing, soul-writing and/or an alignment-based yoga practice) desiring to be in a higher and healthier state of awareness in your own home or hoping to be in a more intimate relationship with your body, heart and soul, a personalized session with Brooks can lovingly help you take the leap into this desire becoming your reality, simply and deeply so.  In-person and phone sessions are available.



It is very important to set up our surroundings to attract positive energy, which has the power to usher in prosperity, growth, healthy relationships and happiness in our lives. Just as in our bodies, built-up toxins from our daily lives, negative past experiences, unfortunate accidents, trauma, any and all unhealthy flavors of energy can get stuck in our personal spaces, be it our homes, offices, cars, etc. This stuck, unresolved energy can disrupt optimal flow and wellness and hinder higher frequency energies that you may desire more of so as to be fully present, expansive and live at your present-time optimal wellness. Brooks has a developed felt sense for energy within the body and within environments and is gifted at helping to resolve, clear and make space for her clients to call in what they most desire. She takes this process very seriously and honors its sacredness and importance and loves walking alongside people through this process.

What to expect from a space clearing:

- clearing away of toxins in the air (sage is incredibly purifying, contains antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities)

- improved sleep

- improved mood and cognition (sage activates brain receptors to reduce stress, has even been found to treat Alzheimer's)

- physical, mental & spiritual healing

- sage offers a wise, protective energy to the world that comes from its spirit

- welcoming of goodness, good spirits and positive energy into our lives

- a honing in on your highest and best intentions and calling those forth through the process (the more specific and clear we can be with our intentions of what we are wanting to purify or release from the space, the more powerful the process will be)

******Brooks highly recommends at least 1 pre-clearing private session/consultation with her to guide you into your intentions and get the most out of this journey (these can be done virtually)


$145/1 hour 

       To connect, email Brooks at or text her at 704-458-0912.

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