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Restore and Renew Your Natural Resiliency 

with Brooks Haislip

Date: TBD (Fall 2021)

Location: TBD


While navigating the challenges of these unprecedented times, our innate inner resilience is one of our greatest allies. However, many of us have surpassed our body’s ability to adapt to the multiple stressors we are faced with daily. Fortunately, with the practical and self-empowering tools of yoga, nature connection, meditation, breathwork, and journaling, we can restore and renew our resilience. 


During this retreat, you will:

  • experience calmness of mind and heart

  • let go of accumulated stress 

  • restore mental and emotional clarity 

  • renew your sense of well-being


You will leave with tools to continue to build and maintain your mental and emotional resilience through life’s challenges. Through this, your capacity to experience joy, calm, and to thrive in this ever-changing world will increase.

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