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A Revolution of Loving Kindness

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

A revolution is defined as a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, communicate and connect. We are currently living in a REVOLUTION that is commonly being referred to as the "the digital age." As I mentioned in my previous blog, there are awesome parts about this, AND there are very concerning parts as well. So, I want to propose that we connect to another kind of revolution that is happening, or at least really trying to, on the planet, and that is what I will call "the revolution of loving kindness."

What we focus on and give energy to is what will grow. There is a lot of valid concern around the shadow side of this massive explosion of technology that is getting a lot of attention. To be honest, I first started paying attention to my deep fear of how I was seeing technology effect, and essentially begin to take over, people's lives and our sense of real, human to human, face to face connection. This eventually spun into my positive focused "Connection Manifesto", "WAKE UP. SLOW DOWN. CONNECT."

This transition for me, from witnessing my deep fear to discerning that as I moved forward with my mission, that it come from a place of positive, life-affirming focus, took awhile, and I deeply honored this journey. When coming from a pro-active, empowering, let's create some responsible boundaries place, there is an expansive awareness to it all that is exciting and hopeful, far from victim mentality. And, when doing so, knowing that your highest intention is to serve the greater whole of humanity this can be very healthy and a lot of fun, especially when it pulls like-hearted souls together.

Yes, there is a reality to this "digital revolution"- it is here, we are in it, and it will keep going and growing for quite awhile. However, if we can harness the perspective and focus on the "cool" parts about it, I truly believe we can find a way to move forward WITH it, in the flow of it, with awesome boundaries and create a world with even more exciting ways to collaborate for goodness, invoke worldly conversations with conflict resolution in mind,  and expand our human capacity to connect at our deepest soul's level with profound love and acceptance for all beings.

So, HOW DO WE DO THIS?! As we embrace the "cool" parts of the "digital revolution" we commit to embrace a deeper sense of loving kindness on the planet, towards ourselves and others, and we equally, if not slightly more so, participate in the "REVOLUTION OF LOVING KINDNESS!!!" Who's in?!

Here are some places to start and things to digest:

PRESENCE is being summoned more than ever on the planet right now, and it is harder than ever, as it is going against the grain of our current culture. In a world of faster, more, quick, easy, lack of commitment, now now now, to truly arrive in the present moment can feel and be super intense. And yet, I know that right now it has never been more vital.  Start now, start right where you are and keep it simple. Take a breath and be with just that one breath. Now, take another breath and be with just that one breath. See, you did it!!!


1. awareness/mindfulness/paying attention and being with what is, showing up for the life that is happening, seeing clearly each moment you are in ; Two key aspects of awareness:


2. Love/loving kindness- not judging/manipulating/or trying to change any aspect of what is, being in a state of loving care trusting from which a wise response will be born, having a sense of sensitivity, immediacy, intimacy, & aliveness

So, sit. Be still and in solitude. Take some slow, deep breaths and strengthen your inner muscle of presence. Recognize whatever thoughts, feelings and/or sensations come up and just give them permission to be there, allow them to be there and give them some space. And when you do so, send each one love, send yourself love and just keep coming back to the one breath that is happening right now, keep learning how to stay.

Do this every morning for 5-10 minutes, and perhaps also anytime you start to feel overwhelmed, scattered or tired. Just start. Now. Imagine if every human on the planet joined in on this. I would certainly consider that a revolution.

So, where do we start? Start with YOURSELF and start today. One minute, five minutes, 20 minutes….who knows where the path will take us, but it won't take us anywhere if we do not get on it.

Side note: I hear so many say that they "know" how important this is and that they want to be doing it but they just don't. Well, in my books, the only way to truly KNOW something is to experience it. And, as I am always saying to my son when doing arts and crafts or any sort of project, "the hardest part is getting started." So, get started, sit down, love yourself with your breath for one minute and then do it again and again and again.

Then, have fun noticing how things change within you and around you. Talk with others about your experience. Share. Be brave. Encourage one other person to join you.

This is serious business AND one of the greatest gifts we can all give ourselves and others is to ENJOY our life, so keep this light and gentle, and have fun.

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